Beer Pong Table

Beer Pong Table

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You can bring the party anywhere with our solid wood Portmanteau Beer Pong Table, handmade with built-in speakers loud enough to fill the room with your favorite tunes.  You don't have to worry, we designed this Beer Pong Table to protect against spills and splashes so the party won't get drowned out!


If you would like to add a business logo for your office, games room, or a particular event/occasion, please contact Heffe ( )

  • Product Specs

    • Official Beer Pong Table Size and Dimentions
    • Customizable with your Brand or Logo
    • 6" Built In Sub Woofer
    • 4 X 6" Full Range Speakers
    • 350W Audio Power
    • Plexiglas for Spill Protection 
    • GNC Moat for Spill Protection 
    • Skrew Off Legs for Easy Transport
    • Unique Marketing Tool for any Party, Tailgate or Game Rooms
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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